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Conventional Contracting
CPC offers flexibility in terms of our openness towards preferable contracting model. We fully understand the varied preferences of our spectrum of customers and all our offerings in terms of contracting and pricing models are designed in order to suit our customer's requirements.
Conventional Contracting is one of the widely accepted contracting model across the world and is primarily practiced where a customer expect a competent contractor to only take-up the construction activities usually without covering finishes and MEP. This contract is usually executed with or without keeping the materials in the scope of contractor. However, the scope of works intended by the customer may vary depending on the prevalent requirements of the client, such as only Earthwork/ Substructure works/ Structure works/ Shell & Core works/ Civil Structural & Finishes or Turnkey including MEP works. The entire scope of works is defined and awarded to a single contractor (Main Contractor) at the initial stage and the mode of operation & finalization of the individual work packages is the discretion of the Main Contractor. These subcontractors are thus under the direct control and responsibility of the Main Contractor. The Main Contractor is fully responsible for the proper coordination among various package contractors & also with his own scope of works and providing on-site facilities to them for smooth execution of the project.
CPC has its own team of highly skilled labor to support all the construction requirements. Our approach to construction management is customizing resources to deliver the highest quality at the best value and maintaining the project budget without sacrificing the overall project vision. Providing highly trained professionals and experienced leaders along with a capable team of general contractors gives us the capacity and capability to tackle large and small scale construction management projects across India.
We are committed to a transparent construction process, providing access and open communication throughout development of the project for greater certainty. We are always seeking cost saving options to ensure the greatest value is achieved by working on behalf of the client and the budget expectations.


CPC spends hours and days of engineering for a project from exploring to production and reclamation. We start with a conceptual plan and design of a project. We conduct a preliminary economic assessment and the feasibility is carried out comprehensively as they cover everything from the proposed layout to a detailed analysis of design post which process optimization takes place with electrical, piping, instrumentation layout. Our engineering experts are capable enough to execute full range of design and specification of a project. All these designs are completed within a specified accuracy level.


Once the CPC team completes the engineering phase of a project, the procurement strategy comes into play as we understand the link between design and engineering and installation or construction phases of a project. Depending upon the size and scope of a project, the daunting task of logistics and procurement is carried out with ease with a team of experts as the deadline to the project commencement is to be met without any delays for timely project completion. Our employees have earned skill and success by exploiting hands on experience, which they proficiently deploy for the efficacious execution of the project during the process of procurement.


At CPC, project management is the application of knowledge, skills, techniques and every team member involved is responsible towards it. We believe, team building, risk, business, legal and time management skills are essential to ensure a successful quality project. These parameters form the key responsible index for the stakeholder to carry out the job with satisfaction along with the desired objective. The project manager ensures that the project is executed with due care and diligence and within the contractual definition of the required deliverables tuning it well with time, costs and scope.